Kelly Stewart hiking at Radnor lakeI’m Kelly Stewart, and I run two meetups in Tennessee: Nashville Hiking Meetup and Chattanooga Hiking Meetup. Because of the success of the former (3,800 members and average of five events per week as of this writing), I get many requests for advice on managing and promoting a meetup. This blog is meant to be the documentation of success tips — what has worked, what hasn’t — and applies to more than just meetups.

Many of the tips are applicable to overall social networking, promoting conventional websites, email marketing, event promotion, and partnering with like-minded organizations.

Hope you enjoy.

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Congratulations, Kelly!

Count me among your regular How to Run a Meetup readers. If reading this new blog is anything like having a conversation with you on the way to a Nashville Hiking Meetup event, then it’s sure to be both educational and enjoyable. I was struck with an extra smack of enthusiasm to see that you’ll be using this blog as a forum for certain aspects of web marketing (e.g., social media marketing or SMM) and not limiting the scope to Meetup groups.

In fact, I’m probably half as excited as you regarding your decision to formally take the plunge on this new blog. That’s a noteworthy level of delight, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve looked at this WordPress theme before; it’s nice and clean and relatively minimalistic, which I dig. However, there appears to be a relatively insignificant issue for users of the fantastic Chrome web browser: the form does not display properly. (I’ve not tested it on any pages other than this one, so it may yet be a mere fluke.)

Write on,
Stephen Frasier